4 Great Methods For Making Free International Calls in 2021

4 Great Methods For Making Free International Calls – in 2021

Do you have family, friends or associates abroad? Want to know how to make free international calls from the UK to mobiles and landlines in hundreds of destinations?

We have done the heavy lifting for you, putting together a list of what we think are some of the best methods for keeping in touch by telephone with contacts overseas.The traditional methods of phone cards and text top ups have past into history. You can talk to your family and friends abroad every day for free!How can you do this. Consider 5 of the most convenient methods.

Best Ways To Call Abroad In 2021 – In our view

Please see the top 4 ways to make free international calls right now. This is of course our opinion as there are many other alternatives. However these are popular methods that are tried and trusted. Let’s get into them now.

  1. WhatsApp – The most popular way of making international calls today is using Whats App. This popular app requires a smartphone. Users can make video calls or voice calls and enjoy conversations right away with overseas contacts. There are a couple of drawbacks to using this method.The first drawback is that your contact needs to have a smartphone with WhatsApp as well. The second drawback is that the line may not always be clear and call quality can be unreliable. The third drawback is that some countries do not have total 4g coverage and it may not be possible to get through to your contact. If you think WhatsApp is not for you, there are other alternatives.
  2. Skype – This is the grandfather of free international calls which has been around since 2003. Skype is one of the pioneers of international calls using apps. Like WhatsApp, this works via an internet link (VOIP) to a user who can be located. However Skype offers a key feature that Whatsapp does not. Skype offers calls which can be terminated to the PSTN networks of most if not all countries at a low cost relative to most landline providers. Drawbacks are similar to Whatsapp in that the VOIP Skype to Skype connections are dependent on good internet connectivity to benefit from the free call service.
  3. Viber – This is another VoIP service that offers free voice and video calls to other users of the service. Viber offers cheap rates for calls to landlines and mobile phones. You need to register a valid phone number, which your contacts can use to find you on the app. Viber has Android and iOS apps, as well as a browser version. Although Viber idoes not come close to the popularity of WhatsApp and Skype, there are some parts of the world, such as Africa and Eastern Europe where it is widely used. Viber can also send messages as well as share photos and other media.
  4. 0870 access numbers – Do you live in the UK and have a UK landline phone? If so, you can make free international calls from your landline using call plan minutes provided by some of the major UK phone providers. How does it work? It’s very simple. Many landline provider call plans have an allowance included for calls to 0870 non geographical numbers. There may be up to 1000 minutes of calls to 0870 numbers included in your call plan which you are not currently using every month. Using a service such as one at www.free-calls.co.uk, all you need to do is dial an 0870 access number before you dial your international destination number. You will be connected to your destination in dozens of countries. Please note that calls should last no more than 60 minutes or you will be charged for the call. If you hang up before 60 minutes expires, you can call again from your minutes allowance for free. This service is great for technophobes or for those who may not be comfortable using the other methods reviewed above.


It’s amazing that within 20 years we have noved from expensive international calls to phonecards to internet voice and video. Whatever method you are comfortable with or that you prefer, go ahead and make your free international calls without worrying about the cost. There may be other ways that you can think of. Please feel free to email us and we will be glad to expand this list.

Cheap Calls from landlines

Cheap Calls from landlines

If you are calling from landlines in the UK to international destinations,pay call rates from 1p/min to hundreds of destinations worldwide. Call via our low cost access numbers and make cheap international calls from your landline phone without the need to open another account or register or prepay. You just dial the access number followed by your destination number and the call appears on the bill of your regular provider, but at a fraction of the usual cost of an international call.

How it Works

  1. Dial the access number for your destination
  2. At the prompt, enter your overseas number including 00 and the country code
  3. Its that simple! You will be corrected in seconds.

Cheap international landline calls page

Cheap International Calls from Mobiles

Methods of making Cheap International Calls from Mobiles

1. Cheap International Calls from Mobiles – SMS Text Top up Credit

Cheap International Calls from Mobiles  to hundreds of destinations any time day or night using our SMS Text Top up call credit. Get instant credit to call abroad from 1p per minute. All it takes is a text message.
How it Works
Text TELE to 67400 (cost £10 + standard SMS) + extra £1 free
or, Text TELE to 80077 (cost £5 + standard SMS)
Receive a reply message instantly confirming call credit has been assigned to your phone
Dial 0208 497 8844 followed by the full overseas destination phone number, beginning with 00 and country code
Start Talking!

SMS Text Top up Service

2. Cheap International Calls from Mobiles – Mobile Short Codes

Mobile Access Numbers is an amazing new service that enables you to call the world on your mobile from just 3p/min.

No connection fee, no minimum call charges just one easy to understand rate.

Simply dial the special short code starting ‘355’, then when connected the full international number you require starting 00.

All your calls to our 8 digit short codes are deducted per second from your phone credit by 3 Mobile Network.

  • International calls on your mobile from just 3p/min
  • No hidden charges, just one easy to understand rate
  • No connection fee or minimum call charges
  • All calls deducted per second from your phone credit
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International Calls using Mobile Short Codes