0870 Free International Calls to Bangladesh

Make free calls to Bangladesh from your UK landline or mobile inclusive minutes. This service can be used from any call plan in the UK with inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers to make free calls to Bangladesh.

Call Bangladesh using call access number 0870 494 0955.

Call Bangladesh Mobile using call access number 0870 218 0505.

N.B. Calls to 0870 numbers are FREE if your call plan comes with inclusive 0870 minutesmore info.

Otherwise calls are charged at 13p/minute plus your phone provider’s access charge.

Terms and Conditions:

Ask bill payers permission before using the service. Calls may be made from your call plan inclusive 0870 numbers minutes or are charged at 13p/min plus your phone company’s access charge. Please check with your phone provider for their access charge. Do not exceed 60 minutes per call or you will be charged for the entire call by your provider. Do not exceed 1000 minutes per month or 100 calls per month as your provider may charge you if you exceed those limits. At no point is the provider of this service liable for costs that may be incurred by you with your mobile or landline service provider. By using this service you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated and anyone failing to do so, will be barred from this and any other service in future. We will not pass phone numbers to any other organisation. This service is provided in good faith, however if the operators exclude or start charging these numbers then this service will be terminated without notice. Please do not use this service if you cannot agree to this. Service provider: Evolcom Limited. Helpline 0303 0310 227.

How to call Bangladesh using 0870 numbers

  • Its really easy to call Bangladesh using our 0870 numbers.
  • To Call: Dial 0870 218 0505 followed by 00 + 880 + your Bangladesh number
  • Your call will come from your inclusive 0870 minutes and enable you to call Bangladesh for FREE.

Call Providers

BT offers inclusive calls to 0870 numbers with some calling plans. See details

Virgin Media offers calls plans with inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers. See details

Plusnet has call packages with inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers. See details

John Lewis offers call plans with inclusive calls to 0870 numbers. See details

Post Office Home phone Anytime plus call addon offers inclusive calls to 0870 numbers. See details

Vodafone [300 minutes add-on available to call 0870 numbers for £2.50 on Pay Monthly.] Text NONGEO to 97886 or use web login – Add-On details can be confirmed. See details

EE Mobile [200 minutes add-on to call 0870 numbers available for £6 per month i.e. 3p/Minute payable to EE.] text 08MIN200 to 150 from EE – Add-On details can be confirmed. See details

Bangladesh Country Code

The country code for Bangladesh is 880

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