0844 Access Numbers – Cheap International Calls from UK landlines and Mobiles

Enjoy cheap calls when you call our access numbers from any UK phone, without the need to register or give your details. Costs for the international calls are charged at the rate you pay for calling our 0844 access numbers which you can find when you go to the destination page for the country which you want to call.

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Access Numbers

from 1p/min
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  • For calling from UK landlines
  • No pre-payment or registration
  • No extra bill to pay
  • Available 24/7
  • Really simple to use.
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Free Calls

for 0p/min
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  • Call from landlines or mobiles
  • No Pre-payment
  • No top up
  • Call from inclusive minutes
  • Full Information
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SMS Topups

from 1p/min
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  • Use to Call from UK mobiles
  • Pay by SMS text message.
  • Instant credit to your mobile.
  • Reliable connections.
  • Available 24/7.
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Cheap Calls from landlines

Make cheap international calls from UK landlines to over 200 destinations from 0p/min.

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  • Dial the access number for your destination
  • At the prompt, enter your destination number starting with 00 + your destination number
  • Start talking! We will connect you call within seconds

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  Top Destinations p/min
Access Numbers USA 1p
Access Numbers India 1p
Access Numbers China 1p
Access Numbers Pakistan 5p
*List of Cheap International Call Destinations…»
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